sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2009

How to solve the Rubik's Cube

Thanks for your visit! The instructions to solve the rubik's cube were published in geocities, but as they will start charging the hosting, I will publish them here in spanish, english and hebrew.. every comment is welcome!

Unless otherwise specified turn 90° in the direction the arrows determine. The colors of the center pieces indicate the color of each face but, as each cube is different and has differente colors, I recommend you to write down in a paper which color of the website represents each color of your cube. ("The red one of the website is the green one of my cube").Those pieces that are white may have any color inside, it doesn't matter. In all the instructions, each cube indicates which colors it should have and the direction of the turns. The colors of the cubes are shown as they stayed after the last move.

1) Solve the first face and put it down
2) It should stay like this:

To solve the second line:
You should move the upper face to check whether you can do step a) or step b. If you can't find any piece to put in the second line in order to complete it follow any of the instructions to take out any of the pieces you need.
For example:
If you find yourself in this situation:

In the following case:


At the end of this instructions it should look like this:

In the following case:


By the end should look like this:

This is the upper face. In it you may have only one blue piece in the center, or an horizontal line in the middle, etc. In any case you need to follow this instruction in order to get a cross. In the third draw, where it indicates a turn of 180° you must not follow the instructions to make the following draw. Just turn it to find an L mirrored and then follow the instructions to get to the face with the cross. If you get the cross in the first place ommited this step.

To do the following instruction you should look at the cube this way:

Now repeat this instruction until you get a cross:

The upper face will be the only one modified (not the base, neither the first or second lines).

In each corner check the colors coincide with the center color faces. If they are OK but in the inverse order repeat step 3). Else, if they are not in the correct place go to step 5). If not, put them like this:

And do these instructions:

At the end the cube should look like this:

After tthis do the 2 a) twice so that you get the red-yellow piece out of the second lline and then put it again in the right way .
Redo step 3 to get the cross in the upper face.
Once finished the instructions the cube should look like this: Each pair of adjacent corners must have two colors in common, and then rotate the upper face, so each corner has the colors of the faces it's involved in. For example:

In these instructions, you should take one piece as fixed piece, (this one is in the correct position) and you should do instructions a) or b) whether it corresponds.
In this case:


In this case:


If the pieces in the centers are wrong, for instance:

turn the upper face 90° to the right, do step 5 a) and then the step 5 b) paying attention to the fixed piece.

and that's it!